Some weeks ago, the smartphone manufacturer from Spain, Geeksphone has shown a smartphone with Firefox OS and it’s named Revolution. And now, Geeksphone already officially announced the specifications of this smartphone.

This smartphone is not using ARM-based processor, but it uses Intel Atom Z2560 processor with speed of 1.6GHz and has Intel ® Hyper-Threading technology. This processor also makes the smartphone has great multitasking capabilities. In addition, this smartphone battery also able for last long enough.

Geeksphone Revolution comes with a screen measuring 4.7 inch QHD, 2000 mAh battery and 8MP main camera which is equipped with LED flash. It’s also equipped with a microSD slot to support additional storage capacity.

Interestingly, Geeksphone Revolution not only offered with the Firefox operating system. Geeksphone also free their customers to select the desired operating system, whether Android or Firefox. According to the plan, this smartphone will go on sale by next year. Unfortunatelt , still there’s no announcement about the price of the smartphone.

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